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OurFund is an innovative approach to raising funds that actually eliminates the fundraising. Let’s clarify that: Instead of going door-to-door selling discount cards or magazines, having a bake sale or car wash, or hosting any other type of fundraising event, you simply ask your family and friends to support you and your team, group, or cause. It’s that simple.
Did you know that, statistically, over 82% of Americans donate annually? Why not add your organization to the list of those receiving monetary gifts? The appeal is personal, directly from/to family members and friends. You’re reaching out to those who care about you and your fundraising needs. They want to support you, and OurFund is the easiest way they can do just that.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Contact OurFund That’s all you need to do to get started! A dedicated Fundraising Specialist will be assigned to help you with any technical issues throughout the rest of your campaign, from start to finish. Call us at 1-888-892-3331 or send an e-mail to
Step 2: Build Your Page Using our proprietary software, your customized fundraising page, complete with photos, messages, videos, and more, can be built sometimes in a matter of minutes.
Step 3: Invite Members to Join Now that your fundraising page is built, simply invite others to join the fundraiser, individuals like parents, athletes, students, team members, etc. These participants will further the personalization by adding their own photos or videos to really make it their own. The momentum starts to build.
Step 4: Connect with Family and Friends Participants in the fundraiser reach out to family, friends, neighbors, and others through e-mail and social media like Facebook and Twitter (depending on preference). OurFund provides a free, default message, or you can write your own. It never hurts to ask, right?
Step 5: Receive Your Gifts Those wishing to support your fundraiser can give via credit card, PayPal, or check, whichever they are most comfortable with. A thank-you e-mail is automatically sent in response to all gifts. The Fund Manager and Member have access to real-time tracking (all included through our software at no additional charge) for the fundraiser’s success as gifts come in.
Step 6: Get Your Check Once the fundraiser comes to a successful conclusion, we send your team or organization a single check along with a final report for your accounting purposes.

Ourfund  will help you go through these six simple steps to fundraising success. We’re convinced our platform is the most effortless, not to mention effective, fundraising concept you’ll find.


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Simple, Effective, Fundraising

It is really that simple. OurFund is a turnkey platform that provides the tools for teams, groups, and organizations to create and manage highly effective online fundraising campaigns. By engaging potential supporters through Email and Social Media (Facebook & Twitter), you can raise money online fast and easy by using our proven fundraising tools. To learn more, please visit: