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What is the OurFund program?

At OurFund, we give teams, organizations, individual students, and athletes a way to register and achieve their entire fundraising goals online. Groups and individuals use our online tools and personal donation webpages to communicate their fundraising needs to those people in their lives who care the most. Those who contribute can even follow the fundraiser’s progress and receive updates from those they have chosen to support.

Will I be able to send a fundraiser participant a message with my donation?

Yes, we allow you to leave a personal message to show your support. Additionally, you can upload a photo along with your message!

Why should I give through this site?

Our members have decided to use this platform so they can focus on what’s most important to them. Coaches, directors, parents, and other involved adults can now concentrate on the group’s activities instead of turning their children into salespeople for unwanted items.

Is OurFund a secure site?

Our IT staff operates and maintains multiple servers in separate data centers across the country. This system ensures ultimate security and redundancy. Always look for a padlock icon and the “https” prefix in the address bar of your browser before submitting personal information online. You’ll see both of those signatures on our donations pages. We also have an SSL Certificate, which enables encryption of our business’s online transactions, allowing us to build an impenetrable fortress around our contributor’s personal information, keeping it safe.

Where does the money go when I make a donation?

Your gift goes into a group/team account. After an administrative fee is deducted, all of the remaining funds are distributed to the groups/teams.

What is the administrative fee for?

Our Fund charges groups/teams an administrative fee for using the Site, which covers all of the overhead associated with each group/team fundraiser hosted on the Site, including donation webpage hosting, account management and reporting, payment distribution, and all credit card processing and banking fees. Administrative fees range from 20% – 25% of all online donations collected, and is negotiated with each group/team.  To learn more or find out the administrative fee for a particular group/team, please call 888-892-3331 and speak with a representative.

Will I have to pay a fee to donate through the Site?

A processing fee of $1.00 is charged per donation transaction processed securely through the Site.

Why not just give them money directly?

We created the OurFund  platform as a useful tool for organizations in both meeting fundraising goals and tracking their success, thus eliminating the logistical challenge of collecting donations individually. Our service allows you to still give money directly to the team, group, or cause, but in a streamlined and easy manner. Your gifts are greatly appreciated, and you will be playing a huge part in the success of the individual and organization.

Simple, Effective, Fundraising

It is really that simple. OurFund is a turnkey platform that provides the tools for teams, groups, and organizations to create and manage highly effective online fundraising campaigns. By engaging potential supporters through Email and Social Media (Facebook & Twitter), you can raise money online fast and easy by using our proven fundraising tools. To learn more, please visit: