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Why should my team (group, cause, etc.) use this donation site?

Using the site allows coaches, administrators, and parents to focus on the team/organization members or activity at hand. Selling discount cards, cookie dough, magazines, or anything else requires planning, inventory, and collecting money from friends and neighbors. Quite honestly, these items are purchased only as a sense of obligation to you and your child. The products are overpriced and underused. Most of your potential contributors would much rather give directly to your cause, eliminating the excessive fees charged by most product-based fundraisers (often upwards of 50% of the total amount collected). The result is significantly less funding toward your organization’s goals, despite all the hard work on the part of your children, parents, coaches, etc. The OurFund program virtually eliminates the need to turn your children into salespeople and minimizes the overall time spent on raising money.

Is the donation page hard to set up?

Not when we are there to help! Your personal donation page can be completed in minutes. All you need to get started are a few photos and a basic outline for your message. Your Fundraising Specialist will gladly assist you with any technical issues if you need help with the set-up.

How will I know how much to ask for?

Most individuals using OurFund focus on seeking donations from friends and family, including relatives, family friends, parent associates, and business owners in your community. They may also include former teachers and your church family. Once you determine what your team’s or organization’s needs are, simply establish a financial goal that will help you meet those needs. Your goal can be updated at any time. Our software allows you to track donations in realtime, so you can constantly keep an eye on the success of your fundraising campaign.

What if someone wants to give but isn’t computer friendly?

Not a problem! Simply call our office (1-888-892-3331) and our staff will be glad to assist them over the phone. It is part of the outstanding customer service that we offer and part of what makes us a premier donation platform.

Can I offer tax deductions to people who pledge and donate to my group or team?

OurFund does not issue donation tax receipts. Any organization that is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions is responsible for issuing donation tax receipts to its donors. If you are a 501(c)(3) organization you may have the ability to offer tax deductibility to your supporters in the amount of their donation.
If your group or team is a registered 501(c)(3) and would like to offer tax deductions, you must be sure that the bank account (used to receive your funds) is set up and owned by the 501(c)(3). You must also include non-profit details about your team or group in the fundraising message.

How much does it cost to use OurFund?

We never charge a set-up fee and never require payment from anyone in your organization. In general, OurFund charges an administrative fee ranging from 20% – 25% of all online donations collected, which is negotiated with each group/team. The administrative fee covers all of the overhead associated with your fundraiser, including donation webpage hosting, account management and reporting, payment distribution, and all credit card processing and banking fees. It also includes great support from our technical team.  To learn more, please call 888-892-3331 and speak with a sales representative.

When will my donation page become active? When will it close?

Potential contributors can view and make donations from the very minute you set up your site. Your webpage will remain active until you choose to end your campaign. Remember, there is no charge to create a fundraising campaign on OurFund, and there is no limit to the time when you can accept donations.

Simple, Effective, Fundraising

It is really that simple. OurFund is a turnkey platform that provides the tools for teams, groups, and organizations to create and manage highly effective online fundraising campaigns. By engaging potential supporters through Email and Social Media (Facebook & Twitter), you can raise money online fast and easy by using our proven fundraising tools. To learn more, please visit: