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A message from Head Coach Matt Brickley

Winning. Everybody wants to do it, but it takes drive, practice, persistence and maximum effort. The Lassiter Trojans Wrestling team isn't afraid to put in the hours it takes to continue a winning tradition. We've laid a foundation for continued success through our recent accomplishments. 2019-20 saw the Trojans finish with 3 wrestlers in the Top 6 in the State, as well as a runner up finish in the Cobb County Invitational and our Region. Our goals for 2020-21 are the same as we've always had - win our Region and take another step forward toward a Trojan State Championship!

The Trojans Wrestling program takes great pride in winning. Our goal is to continue to uphold the high standard set by our past teams, both on and off the mats. We have a great senior class this year that will provide the leadership we need for success, and our talented underclassmen will create the competition we need to make every player better. Competing against a highly competitive schedule will have its challenges, but our record of past successes demonstrates the team's drive and determination to achieve measurable success. The summer program has been a huge success, and we anticipate great things this season!

2020-21 is shaping up to be another exciting season. Get on board. Help support the Trojans and help us continue a winning tradition!

How you can help the Trojans Wrestling team

The goals that our young wrestlers hope to achieve take hard work, effort, and resources. Unfortunately, high school athletics are not completely funded by our school and county. The large majority of our program's funding continues to be generated from the wrestlers, managers, parents, and the support and generosity from their friends and family within the community.

As our student-athletes are working hard to be the best they can be, we respectfully request your financial assistance as we continue our efforts to provide our student-athletes championship resources and equipment. The contributions we receive will help us to pay for the cost of tournament entry fees, travel expenses for out of town matches, new safety equipment for the boys, as well as the advancement of our training methods and overall program management. My goal is to make you proud of our program and our school, knowing you played an important role in helping us achieve success. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support,

Matt Brickley
Head Wrestling Coach
Lassiter High School

A Message From Matt Brickley

All the Lassiter Wrestlers got together and we each created our own personal fundraising page to send out to our friends and family. I thought that I would send it to the special people in my life, so I hope you don’t mind that I included you.

My goal is to raise enough money to help cover some of the cost of our season. Our coach has challenged each of us to raise $300 and with your help, I will be able to meet or beat that goal! If you would be willing to help me out with a donation, I would really appreciate it.

My teammates and I are working really hard and we look forward to a successful season. I will keep you posted on how my team and I are doing as we go through our schedule. Thanks again for supporting me and hopefully you’ll be able to come out to some of my matches.

Once again, thanks so much for supporting me!

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This is for you KJ



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Best of luck from the Pelletier Family



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Have a great year MTXE



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Good luck this season



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Go Trojans Wishing the team the best from NY